Fully fitted glass splashbacks

Our full measuring and fitting service allows you to get full wall coverage with the glass being cut around your electrical sockets. With the full fitting service you can get bespoke glass splashbacks manufactured and fitted the exact size and shape of your kitchen walls.

For us to be able to provide you with a quote for this service we need some details from you first. You can provide as much or as little detail as you like but the more you provide the more accurate our initial quote can be. We can also take these details over the phone so you may either call us on 02890 870340 or complete our enquiry form below and we can call you.

Fully fitted glass splashbacks

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Fitting service FAQS
What does the templating service involve?
The templating service involves a fully trained and fully qualified fitter to arrange a visit to your home. He will make a 6mm MDF template (or digital template) of your kitchen splashback or shower/bathroom wall panels. This template will be an exact match of your kitchen walls. It is then used to create glass exactly the same shape and size as the mdf.

What does the fitting service involve?
When your glass splashbacks are ready we will contact you to arrange fitting. The Glass splashbacks are all fixed to the wall and sealed.
How do I order the templating and fitting service?

You can order it through our DIY quoting tool or by simply contacting us and we will arrange for the service to be carried out for you. Unfortunately it is not yet available Nationwide but we intend to be able to offer this soon.